Corporate Golf Days and Business Education – A Marriage Made in Heaven

When it comes to top level business education, no one can argue that it is very important to keep learning all the time. However, it is also often true that corporate education events are boring, and often achieve less than they are designed to, because delegates lose interest midway.Innovations in corporate golf days, however, allow business owners and entrepreneurs to combine the very best in business education, with the fun of corporate golf, and the networking opportunities that business on the golf course offers.How It WorksCombining corporate golf days with business education can be a tricky proposition. You need to ensure that the delegates who attend are going to be getting, and giving, the best possible education and participation in the event.You need to ensure that the speakers and special guests who will be involved in the event, both in terms of business education and golf, are of the highest calibre, and that they will be able to participate in both aspects of the event.When you get it right, however, the marriage of business education is almost certainly one made in heaven, and the learning and business potential of this type of event, on the course and off, is enormous.What Are the Benefits to the Business Owner?When you are considering corporate golf days that incorporate business education in the program, the first thing you are likely to weigh, is the return on the investment.The first thing that you should be considering is that because a corporate golf day that incorporates an element of education is a legitimate business expense, it is likely that it will be tax deductible.Then there is the education portion of the golf day to consider, and whether the information you will be learning from the speaker or program will make the event a legitimate learning experience for you, and the staff or clients that you elect to take with you.Finally, there is the time on the course and off, which will afford you the opportunity to network with likeminded professionals and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, all of whom might just be able to open the door to business success for you.With these kinds of valuable benefits to the business owner, it is very easy to see why combining business education and golf is a great idea and one that every serious businessperson and entrepreneur should be considering.Multi Tasking at Its BestCorporate golf days that combine business education with golf and networking are certainly a great example of business multi tasking at it’s best, and with our modern world, and it’s hectic schedule, there’s no doubt that this sort of experience is both a great time saver, and the perfect opportunity to work holistically on your business.For the busy entrepreneur, there could not be a better opportunity to learn valuable business lessons, and spend time relaxing, as well as meeting potentially valuable new contacts, than a business training golf day, and it is well worth considering this option if you are a serious entrepreneur.

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